Volleyball and Sunsets

Why Choose Me as Your Travel Writer?

I consider myself a Unicorn. I don’t have passion, I am passionate.

As I state all the time, “Many women own several pairs of shoes, God has just given me the opportunity to walk in most of them.”


My life has included everything from limos to homelessness, from Stand Up Comedy (opening for Jay Leno to celebrating with Bob Odenkirk for his writing with SNL) to owning a moving company; from skydiving to paralysis.


I have survived it all and found inner strength to not only walk again, but thrive on the new experiences.


As a sophomore in high school my mom began to lose her sight and this woman who gave me strength thru her instillment of Faith, who taught me to see the positive in everything with the infamous life lesson, “ If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, and “Think before your speak – words are power”.


I learned to use my words to describe things in a way that created a mental image for her.


I never wanted her loss of sight to leave her in the darkness, so I would help to bring the color back into her world.


I joined Quill and Scroll, a creative writing group recommended by one of the most passionate and inspirational teachers, Mrs. Eldridge.